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Manage Your SEO Tools Budget Without Losing Your Mind

Budgeting for analytics is always tricky, especially when the tools you need can take a healthy bite out of your budget. Making sure your SEO budget includes the right product and app for the job is important. Tracking sales and ROI is a vital part of any tool, and there are some big name SEO… Read more »

Making Your Marketing Spending Work Together

Spending on SEO and other marketing tools is a way for your business to ensure the most bang for your buck. Making your investments work for you without having to do too much extra legwork is crucial. You don’t want to waste valuable time and money on redundancies, so a little planning and collaboration with… Read more »

Pissing Off Your Users Might Not be a Bad Thing

Gay Pride Oreo

Making your users angry might not be the death knell it used to be. Given today’s social media outlets, customers can vent and engage with one another directly (and with your company) like never before. Causing a spark is good, and even dissent. Getting people to talk, even “negative press” might be a good thing…. Read more »

How to Alienate Your Social Media Audience

Social media is a powerful tool in the right hands, and your business can do great things with a well executed Facebook or Twitter campaign. But you can harm your business if you’re not careful when executing your social media strategy. There are a couple of quick ways to alienate your social media audience… I… Read more »

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Summer Slowness

Businesses of all types have a lot to gain from the scorching summer months. The benefits aren’t only limited to air conditioning and ice cream in the office freezer. A successful business can use summertime as an opportunity to build their team, strike up new relationships with old customers, or even gain new clients by… Read more »