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5 Major challenges to working while traveling (and some solutions)

This series is for the increasingly large group of people who make their livings on their laptops alone, and who realize that many other “digital nomads” are cutting expenses while spending time in cities like Bangkok and Buenos Aires. Honestly, the sky’s the limit, and people who like to travel are roaming the globe paying… Read more »

Cheap countries with good internet for traveling workers

The so-called ‘digital nomad’ is someone who relies only on their laptop, their skills, and an internet connection in order to make a living while spending time wherever they want. This new trend seems to be getting very popular lately as more people have exited full-time jobs and are discovering that freelancing can be an… Read more »

5 Important Tips for Freelancing While Traveling

As more and more people are freelancing these days (whether it was their own choice or not), an increasing number are also realizing that doing so from New York City, San Francisco, or any other expensive city doesn’t really make sense. I’m among the group of so-called “digital nomads” who has been location-independent for over… Read more »

Tips for Finding Wi-Fi While Working and Traveling

As more laptop-workers are unshackling themselves from their stationary lives, whether to earn a living while seeing the world, or save money by moving somewhere cheap to start a business, the subject of mobile Wi-Fi becomes crucial. I’ve recently discussed many of the positive things about working while traveling, but if you have crappy internet… Read more »