Get Healthy With AuthorityLabs: Win a Fitbit Flex & Cash for Your Favorite Charity

win-fitbit flexHealthy living is something that is a popular theme now-a-days. 71 percent of adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

From Paleo and gluten-free diets, to hipsters adopting an acute obsession for kale, it seems like just about everyone is hoping to improve their health.

The AuthorityLabs Health Initiative

With this in mind AuthorityLabs decided we wanted to further this healthy obsession (pun intended) by holding a company wide health contest. The winner will be decided based on a combination of most body weight and body fat lost, and the winner will receive a nice little cash prize when the contest ends for us in October. All of the AuthorityLabs team members will be using technology from Fitbit for tracking progress. We know that the healthier everyone in the company is physically, the healthier AuthorityLabs is and the better our team is as a whole.

Why Should You Care? You Can Win Too!

We don’t want to be the only company striving to get healthy. It’s important for every person and every company to promote better health. In order to help you get going on the journey to better health, AuthorityLabs is giving away a Fitbit Flex™ every Friday for the next 6 weeks!

How can you win?

Just tweet at @AuthorityLabs while using the hashtag #ALHealth and let us know how you or your company did something to improve your health each day. You can enter once a day and we will randomly draw a winner each Friday morning, starting June 13.

There is Even More to Win…

Win-from-AuthorityLabsIt is important for companies to work together to become more healthy. We want to hear your story about how your company is becoming healthier. Post your company’s story on Facebook, your blog, or anywhere that we can see it publicly and tweet a link to it to us at @AuthorityLabs.

We will be reading and reviewing entries from everyone who enters before October 1, 2014 and AuthorityLabs will be donating $1000 to the winning company’s charity of choice!

You can’t really lose unless you don’t put any effort into getting healther, so go ahead and get started!

About Tori Cushing

Tori Cushing is a Metrics Maverick at Authority Labs. She specializes in mining through mountains of data to find the precious jewels.

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jeremy Rivera

This is a great effort guys! It’s way too easy just to kick back and let the office life roll over you and your health.

Sarah Schager

This is the best contest I’ve seen on social media all year! I’m passionate about health and fitness, and love that you’re encouraging people and companies to not only be healthy, but to spread the word about it. I’m going to go enter right now 🙂

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