Will Using AuthorityLabs Penalize Your Domain?

I’ve noticed that a few people are googling ‘authority labs penalised.’ Evidently some are concerned that checking your rankings with us will penalize your positioning within search results. I guarantee that it will not.

IP addresses will get penalized by search engines when they detect an abnormal amount of searches coming from a single IP. When this happens Google, for instance, throws up a CAPTCHA to make sure that humans are actually using their service and not automated rank checking software like WebPosition. A lot of the time poor quality rank checking software can poll search engines too often. They don’t like this because it takes up valuable bandwidth.

Gathering ranking data with rank checking software will not penalize any domain within search results. If you’re running this software from your own IP, then you definitely run the risk of anyone from that IP gaining access to those search engines again.

I hope this helps and dispells any misconseptions you all may have!

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Chase Granberry Founder and CEO of AuthorityLabs. He loves building things on the Internet, skiing in the winter and his beautiful wife.

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Don’t risk your website just do it safely. Do it manually and don’t get a CAPTCHA from Google or be band using software. Reap the fruits of your labor. Play it safe.

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