AuthorityLabs Tip: Separate Branded Terms

Looking for ways to take full advantage of the features in AuthorityLabs? We’ve decided to put together a series of tips on using all of the great features inside our SERP tracking tool. Today’s tip is on separating branded terms from the terms that don’t have a brand in them.

There are a few reasons why this practice can help you to get a better handle on your ranking data:

  • Allows you to quickly see that you are in the top spot for terms that have your brand in them.

  • If you are monitoring several sites and brands, you can group those together or label them as being brand lists for easy filtering and viewing from the dashboard. This can save you a ton of time by not really needing to click through and view each one separately if rankings are consistently at the top.
  • See how your competitors or partners are ranking for your brand. Add their sites to your account, create a group, and sync your keyword lists across all of those domains.
  • Since it is generally easier to rank well for branded terms, having several of them mixed in with non-branded terms can skew the average you see on the dashboard. It’s more important to know if you are ranking poorly versus covering that up and having the appearance of ranking well.

Is anyone out there already doing this in their account? If so, how is it working for you and what kind of tips do you have for other users trying to do this?

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Brian LaFrance has been involved in various aspects of internet marketing since 1999 and enjoys helping people solve problems. He's currently Lead SEO Analyst for CBS Interactive, runs his own SEO consulting & web development company, and speaks at various industry conferences.

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