Backlink Data & What You Need to Know

We’ve finally got backlink data live.  Here’s what you need to know.

Resolving Domains & URLs

The first thing to notice is this icon Link to Resolved URL which you’ll find to the left of your domain or URL. Before we actually pull link data we resolve the URL you’ve entered into your account. Hover your mouse of that, or click it and you’ll be taken to the page which we get redirected to if your domain / URL is entered into a browser as is.  We do this because we get different link figures depending on how a domain or URL is entered. So, if your redirects are setup correctly, and have been for a while, your backlink figures should be correct.

Where We’re Getting this Data

We get link data from four different sources, to give you the most comprehensive look at an overall link profile for a domain or URL. Yahoo! Site Explorer, SEOmoz’s LinkScape, MajesticSEO and Google Blog Search give us our link counts. LinkScape and Google Blog Search give us our individual links. Each count is an actual link which takes you to the source, as we’ve accessed it. For the social media & email blog, Convince & Convert, we’re reporting these figures.

Convince & Convert Backlink Counts

Link count via Linkscape…

Convince & Convert Link Data via LinkScape

Link count via MajesticSEO…

Convince & Convert Link Count via MajesticSEO

Link count via Yahoo! Site Explorer…

Convince & Convert Link Count via Yahoo!

Link count via Google Blog Search…

Convince & Convert Link Count via Google Blog Search

You may notice we report slightly different numbers than you’ll see on Yahoo! and Google Blog Search, which is normal. They should be about the same though.

If you are seeing something strange, make sure to let us know.

Domains vs. Pages

You can actually enter a specific URL into your account and all data will reflect that page, ranking data included.  One of Jay Baer‘s more popular posts about must do’s for serious bloggers attracted a good amount of links, which we can see here.

Individual Page Link Data

We can also see a list of blogs linking to that post specifically as well. This list is updated in real-time, so you’ll see new blogs linking to a site or URL as they’re discovered, which is pretty darn quick 🙂

Latest Blog Links in Real Time

You can even graph historical link counts. Clicking the little gray graph button Inactive Chart Icon pops data into a graph. Here we have Yahoo!, MajesticSEO and blog link data graphed.

How to Graph Historical Link Data

Which produces this graph…

Historical Link Graph

That’s about it for now … enjoy!

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