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LinkedIn Secrets by Marty Weintraub


While in Duluth, MN at the 2015 Zenith Social Media Conference, I sat in a session entitled, LinkedIn Secrets! Building a Dominant Profile, 15 Minutes a Day. Here are the take-aways that you can implement right away: Via Marty Weintraub Founder, aimClear There’s nothing typical about what Marty Weintraub has to share. This is not about how… Read more »

Social SEO – Zenith Social Media Conference 2015


I attended a session by Mark Traphagen called, “Google+? Social SEO? SRSLY? Hell YES & Here’s Why!“. Here is a recap:  Mark is the Senior Director of Online Marketing, Stone Temple Consulting.  We are coming into a time period where social media is maturing and getting some push-back. With maturity comes the responsibility to demonstrate the… Read more »

7 Online Marketing Conferences You Have to Attend


Conferences are at the heart of any successful networking environment, especially  for online marketers. Our day-to-day changes with every update, as well as our opportunities. The biggest news in our industry is usually announced first at conferences and then spread like wildfire across the cyberworld. Whether you’re planning out the rest of your event calendar… Read more »

In House SEO Recap: #Pubcon Austin


The following is a recap of material presented at Pubcon Austin regarding issues unique to in-house SEOs. Keith Goode, Chief SEO Evangelist seoClarity Selling Your SEO Value Proposition to Decision Makers Challenges – Time and Resources 33% of an SEO’s work time is spent pulling data and 44% of that time is spent analyzing and… Read more »

Best SEO Strategies from 2015 #Pubcon Austin


Change is the only constant for anyone in the Internet marketing industry. SEOs know this better than anyone and many clients live in fear of the next Google algorithm update. So, what do some of the top SEOs in the industry say needs to be the focus of your search efforts for the remainder of the year?… Read more »