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Basic Checklist for Launching a New Site

As I sit here working on a new version of the AuthorityLabs site, I’ve started going over my list of what needs to be done prior to launching it. Without using a checklist such as the one below, you’re almost guaranteed to forget at least one important piece of the site. Some of these are… Read more »

Want a Free Site Audit?

It’s no secret that site audit panels are some of the most popular sessions at all the various SEO and affiliate conferences. As a result of the success and feedback I’ve heard from the analysis of Target’s new website, I decided that we’re going to start doing site audits on a regular basis. They won’t… Read more »

$10 Says You’re Missing Key Tracking Opportunities

One of the biggest problems I see clients and newbie SEOs make is choosing either the wrong keywords to track or not enough. Here are a few scenarios I see frequently that annoy me to no end: Branded terms that the site’s either already ranking #1 for Too short of a list that only includes… Read more »