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Does Content Marketing Replace the Need for SEO?

In recent years, and after continuing updates to Google’s algorithm, there has been an increasing focus on content creation and marketing – and some business owners are raising the question if content can or should replace an SEO strategy. In fact, with many of the old SEO “tricks” no longer working, many businesses realize the only… Read more »

101 Wednesday: Conditional Formatting in Excel Recap

Formatting in Excel has always been a major point of focus in our 101 Wednesdays Google+ Hangouts. Our latest wasno different. It’s pretty much the Cushing way to focus on making data pretty. It just so happens that we, and you, can use  pretty colors and icons to quickly show how well data is doing… Read more »

What Content Marketers Can Learn From Snipers

I was born a gun nut. My dad, his dad and my mom’s dad were all great shots, and I grew up in a house full of long guns. Hunting and shooting were a part of life. As a kid, nothing lit a fire under me more than bass fishing, plinking or reading science-related books…. Read more »

Please Join Us for 101 Wednesday: Conditional Formatting in Excel

If you would like to watch please RSVP here. On Wednesday May 28th at 3PM EST with Tori Cushing. She will be showing viewers how to do conditional formatting in Excel. This tutorial that will be good for anyone that wants to learn some basics in Excel. Watch our conditional formatting hangout to learn how to: Add data bars Color… Read more »

4 Tax Deductible Devices That Everyone Should Have

Every year deductions are really important to any business, but I think sometimes newer small businesses and consultants don’t realize there are so many deductions available for them. If you are new to running your own business and you are in the SEO / Internet marketing industry here are some devices you can and should invest in…. Read more »