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The Ultimate Checklist of 2018’s PR Trends Online

If you were stranded in the wilderness, your survival would hinge upon your ability to find water, food, and build a shelter to protect against the elements. Thriving in the PR trends of the world also requires certain skills and resources. Many of these are innate, like creativity and organization. Others, however, require a little… Read more »

Why You Should Be Using the Teams Feature in AuthorityLabs

Don’t be a lone wolf. Start using Teams. Don’t know how? Watch this. What’s so cool about teams? Using Teams gives you the option to add users to your account who don’t have their own separate AuthorityLabs account. This means that multiple people in your company will have the option to view a custom list… Read more »

Backlink Data & What You Need to Know

We’ve finally got backlink data live.  Here’s what you need to know. Resolving Domains & URLs The first thing to notice is this icon which you’ll find to the left of your domain or URL. Before we actually pull link data we resolve the URL you’ve entered into your account. Hover your mouse of that,… Read more »

Backlink Data is Almost Here!

We’re excited to announce a pretty big new feature which will be live next week. We’ve been working with a few different API’s to bring in backlink data about any website. There aren’t that many sources for this information, and numbers from these sources can vary widely, which is why we decided to give you… Read more »

SEO Keyword Suggestions with the AdWords API

The AdWords API team has been making serious improvements on their API. We had been using the old version of their API, because that was the only thing available, but we’re now upgraded to the latest version. We used to not be able to get search volume numbers as you would see them when set… Read more »