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How To Use Google Plus Like A Marketing Pro

Google Plus. The very name evokes comments about “Google’s failed attempt at social media,” how the platform is “barren as the Sahara desert” and jokes, including “Only Google employees are using it.” Don’t fall for any of these ruses. Though Google Plus might not ring out as the social media platform of choice for the… Read more »

A Google+ Business Resource for Agencies and Consultants

I am a firm believer in educating clients, but I am also aware that there are often skeptical clients that can be difficult when a consultant is trying to explain the reasons behind doing one thing or another. Every once in awhile a resource will come along that I think could be helpful for agencies… Read more »

How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%

So everyone knows that nowadays Twitter is all the rave in social media. There are literally millions of people using Twitter with more joining each day. According to Neil Patel, there are more than 190,000,000 visitors to Twitter each month. Did you know that there is more Twitter engagement on Saturdays and Sundays? According to… Read more »

Social Media Fakeness: Facts You Should Know

We all know the power of social media, but there are many businesses out there handling social media the wrong way. So many people want to take the easy route with social media and buy their way to fame rather than legitimately earning followers. These fakers usually include comedians, actors, politicians, and musicians but can… Read more »

What Marketers Can Learn from 2013’s Hottest Words

2013. Wow what a year. We had the pleasure of learning so many new words while viewing SO MANY selfies. Just the other day, selfies were being discussed on Facebook by a group of friends. But the selfies and their various forms is another blog in itself. As marketers we can certainly learn from all… Read more »

Amazing Google Facts

No doubt Google is a major phenomena of our time. A company that has grown tremendously since their inception and whose products range from search to mobile devices to driverless cars and just about everything in between. With a company like there, there has to be some amazing facts about their size, their employees, and their history, maybe a few you were even unaware of?