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How to Get More Backlinks From Infographics

I’m sure you already know the laundry list of benefits that infographics can have on your content marketing efforts: Attention-grabbing visual content that’s more memorable than text-based content. Content that’s in a highly-shareable format that people can easily embed on their site. Referral traffic from blogs that publish your infographic. Editorial backlinks from sites that… Read more »

An International SEO Checklist for Businesses

Aleyda Solis created an infographic on International SEO that provides a quick step-by-step guide on what you can do with your website when focusing on International SEO strategies. This IG shows you how to quickly determine if there is potential in the International space for you, shows how to target audiences shows you how to… Read more »

2013 Digital Marketing Trends: Data You Need to Know

This infographic, by Adobe and Econsultancy, breaks down some of the key digital trends  for 2013. It states that 2013 is “The Year of Content” and then shows you the top priorities for marketers  in companies and in agencies. This data came from the Digital Intelligence Briefing, which is available for download. The main takeaway… Read more »

Bloggers, Tax Deduction Ideas for You! [Infographic]

If you work as a blogger you may not be aware of all the tax deductions you should be adding up each year. has come up with an infographic with a quick list of tax deductions bloggers should be keeping track of. Also, check out all the info on 10 Categories of Tax Deductions… Read more »

What Makes Someone Leave a Website [Infographic]

This infographic by KISSmetrics breaks down 8 areas of a website that often have issues that can cause visitors to leave a website. Each area also includes “what not do” and “how to fix” common problems. Three areas mentioned that I really agree with are: #3 Bad Content Structure – I will not hunt for… Read more »

How Many Ways Can You Repurpose a Blog Post?

Blog posts can be valuable and they can also be used in many beneficial ways. Now there is an infographic that breaks down 37 different ways you can repurpose your blog post. This information comes from I feel it is critical for businesses to find a way to use blog posts in multiple ways… Read more »