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How to Rock Email Marketing

In terms of boosting sales, generating leads, increasing website traffic and building brand loyalty, savvy marketers get that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers. Compared to marketing that utilizes only social media platforms, email marketing actually converts more people to paying customers. In terms of ROI, email marketing crushes social… Read more »

Beginners Education on Social Media

Social media can be very confusing for businesses. They know what the options are, but they don’t know how to utilize the options effectively. Vertical Measures created this infographic that breaks down what you need to about YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are also some fantastic suggestions for LinkedIn group directories. If you… Read more »

Infographic Marketing 101: Embed This Codes

If you are a fan of infographics and/or using interesting images in your blog posts, I want to provide you one simple step that can greatly help you control the sharing of these forms of media. I’m referring to the “embed code” which is very simply a snippet of html code that allows someone to copy and paste the code into their own web pages and when they do, display the infographic or image.

Do You Know When To Post On Social Networks?

Are you just randomly posting of Facebook and Twitter? What about posting on Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Do you know when your followers and fans are most likely to see your content? Have you pinpointed the best times of the day to post on your various social media sites? No? What about the times to… Read more »

What is Google+? And Who Uses it?

Many people are still confused over what Google+ is and how important it can be. The infographic below, by Search Engine People, breaks down the basics and tells you why it is an important social network for you and for your business. It also breaks down the demographics of those that use Google+. Search agencies,… Read more »

10 Social Media Addicted Personality Types

Social Media Addiction. It’s not a pretty sight. Do you know the signs? Can you pick out a social media addict out of a crowd of people? I’m sure you’ve seen the addiction signs of social networks too. The guy shaking his phone in a silent rage, face turning red and eyes squinted closed because… Read more »