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12 Tech Companies Who Are Proactive About Being Green

The go green movement is strong here in the United States. From large multinational companies like Walmart to my local coffee shop, sustainable business practices are cropping up everywhere – including the tech sector. These 12 tech companies are proactive about being green – not simply saying that they are green but actually backing up… Read more »

7 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make a Dime

You’ve read the books about bloggers earning a six-figure income and you decide to give it a go. You check your Google AdSense and affiliate accounts daily and you don’t even see pennies in income, never mind dollars. This is not the blog career that you envisioned. Here are 7 reasons why your blog doesn’t… Read more »

Data Collection With Google Spreadsheets

Here at AuthorityLabs, we really like to play with data. Whether it’s checking website rankings or tracking indexed pages, we’re crunching a ton of data all day, every day. Recently, we’ve started playing with some features in Google Spreadsheets that seem to have an almost endless possibility for collecting and manipulating data. Using the functions… Read more »

Not Just Another Rank Checking Tool

There are hundreds of tools available for checking and monitoring website rankings. These tools range from free to thousands of dollars a month and are available as desktop clients, browser plugins, and web apps. Each of these tools strives to accomplish a common goal – find where a site ranks in search engines. AuthorityLabs not… Read more »

Insights from Summary Data

There are a lots of ways to pull out insights from the AuthorityLabs interface. The Summary section can help people understand pure visibility of a site within search engines. Here are a couple examples… This Summary section was pulled from a site tracking 1000 keywords. In the middle of August they pushed a big SEO… Read more »