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New Feature: Random Ranking

While we strive to offer perfect, uninterrupted data, there are times where unexpected issues can result in delays or gaps in ranking data. This is typically a rare occurrence but when it does happen, we end up receiving a few inquiries requesting that we fill the gaps in the data. Historically, it has been our… Read more »

Down Status

We woke up to some database connectivity issues this morning. We are working on it, and should have everything resolved soon. Once we figure out exactly what happened, and get to the root cause, we’ll provide update here on the blog. Currently, it looks like the space allocated for our database tables filled up, so… Read more »

Latest CSVs Exported

We’ve got a quick, handy new feature available for everyone today. Now in your account tab you’ll see the last 10 CSVs that were exported and links to all of them anyone on your team can download. You can also see the status of each export in progress.