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Bing API Issue

Update: Bing & Yahoo! data are back! There’s an issue with the Bing API currently, it’s looking like.  Bing now powers Yahoo US and Canada, so you’ll see issues with Yahoo results as well.  We’re working on a solution and will keep you all updated.

Friday the 13th Free Pro Account Giveaway

Congrats to @melepisto! You have won a free Pro account for one year. For those who didn’t win, keep watching the AuthorityLabs blog for more chances to win AuthorityLabs goodies. We’re giving away a free Pro account for a year to one lucky Twitter follower today. The winner will be selected at 11:59PM MST Friday… Read more »

AdWords Search Volume Update

We’ve been getting reports of odd search volume numbers over the last few weeks. The AdWords API started having issues with their search volume numbers beginning at the end of last month. From looking at a lot of keywords, it seems as though the global volume numbers are more reliable than the local search volume… Read more »

Universal Results Type Data

All account admins will now see a new column with some really interesting data about the type of things we find on a search result.  this isn’t available for users just yet). Wanted to get your feedback before we made it fully available. We’re keeping track of which universal boxes are thrown on a search… Read more »

SERPs Are Easy … Processing Them Isn’t

This morning we had another delay in processing results, which you noticed if you signed in sometime in the AM. We’ve finished processing those are are running some other tasks on accounts, which populate other types of data.  So, everything’s good for today, just delayed a bit. When we initially developed AuthorityLabs we thought just… Read more »

We’re Almost There

We’re still working on that last little bug, which is keeping ALL keywords from getting consistent daily data.  We’ve narrowed it down to an issue we’re having with Amazon S3 and are working through it.  I know this has been frustrating for everyone … it’s been extremely frustrating for us, knowing we’ve disappointed these last… Read more »