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What Sentiment Analysis Can Tell Us About Our Content And SEO

Have you ever wondered how audiences feel after engaging with your brand and its content? Sure, they may be compelled to hit that “Like” or “+1” icon, but that doesn’t give much insight into why they liked it or what sort of response or emotions were invoked. Yet, we know that strong emotional response can… Read more »

The 6 Key Principles To Creating Contagious Content Based On Data

Whenever someone talks digital marketing, SEO, content creation or the like, there’s a near-natural instinct to spoon-feed the audience with buzzwords: optimization, personalization, enhanced ROI, metrics, engagement, KPI, customer experience and, of course, data-driven. Conversations about data and business analytics tools are nearly as widespread and populous as snapping selfies and YouTube videos about cats…. Read more »

Focusing On Less Competitive Terms To Boost E-commerce Sales And Visibility

E-commerce businesses are, sometimes unwittingly, involved in a gold rush that has the popularity of the Californian and the value of the Australian. The difference in these wealth wars is it isn’t a battle over scintillating metals, but rather actionable keywords that promise to improve visibility and, ultimately, sales. The Internet has left a permanent,… Read more »

The SEO Checklist For PWAs

Progressive web apps (PWAs) have been stirring the mobile experience pot ever since Google first brought the term to common usage in 2015. In a world that is increasingly glued to their mobile devices and accompanying apps, it only makes sense to create experiences that aim to, as senior software engineer at Google Alex Russell… Read more »

Tips to Make The Most Out Of Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a tour de force when it comes to business visibility and localized SEO. Many SEO strategies and digital marketing efforts start with GMB because it drastically improves a business’ chance of getting noticed. Not to mention, it’s just a great resource for giving potential customers a one-stop-shop for all of… Read more »

Ways to Empower Your Sales Funnel With Content And SEO

At the root of why we perform SEO is to improve visibility through increased web traffic. Yet, in the hunt to get more web visitors, we sometimes forget the behaviors and attitudes that drive those searches. These behaviors and attitudes are reflective of the visitor’s intentions and position in the sales funnel, whether they are… Read more »