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Twitter Advertising 101: How and Why to Advertise on Twitter


Are you an active Twitter user? If so, you’ve probably noticed a few posts a day labeled “Promoted”. These are Twitter’s advertised Tweets and are advertised by 100,000 different profiles. With that low of an amount of advertisers on Twitter, this social network makes for a much less competitive place to advertise on with over… Read more »

Grow Your Email List With These 9 Tips


Each morning as we sip our coffee we sift through our inbox. It used to be the newspaper, but now we’re prone to everything digital and with the help of mobile we can literally check our email from anywhere. Having that capability is reason alone to want to grow email subscribers and reach a larger… Read more »

8 Digital Marketing Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

Digital Marketing Resolutions

It’s habit. As one year comes to an end, planning and setting goals for the next year begins. Even if you aren’t an official resolution maker, the feeling of a fresh new year can spark inspiration for improvement. As digital marketers, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to discovering different ways… Read more »

The Science Behind Highly Sharable List Posts [Infographic]

List posts are a highly effective marketing technique for marketers – it’s no secret. But what might not be as obvious is just how powerful they can be. Research from HubSpot showed that many business blogs most effective content type was list posts. It’s not as simple as just putting a number in front of… Read more »