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A Call for Scientific SEO Testing

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are so confident while the intelligent are full of doubt.” – Bertrand Russell I’m not sure about the world at large, but that quote by Bertrand Russell pretty much nails the SEO industry. In an industry governed by an algorithm that reportedly incorporates over 200 factors… Read more »

How to Alienate Your Social Media Audience

Social media is a powerful tool in the right hands, and your business can do great things with a well executed Facebook or Twitter campaign. But you can harm your business if you’re not careful when executing your social media strategy. There are a couple of quick ways to alienate your social media audience… I… Read more »

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Summer Slowness

Businesses of all types have a lot to gain from the scorching summer months. The benefits aren’t only limited to air conditioning and ice cream in the office freezer. A successful business can use summertime as an opportunity to build their team, strike up new relationships with old customers, or even gain new clients by… Read more »

Hollywood Hack Day &

Hollywood Hack Day was June 9 & 10 and we took the AuthorityLabs dev team on a road trip from Chandler, AZ to Hollywood, CA for a little developer R&R. That’s right, R&R for us is a weekend of little sleep, lots of pressure and presentation on what we accomplished to a room of 150+… Read more »

Spy on Competitors for Keyword Opportunities

One of the common misconceptions amongst people trying to rank in Google for a given term, is that the sky is the limit. For instance, some might think because they’re in the tourism business that they can rank in the top 10 for “travel.” With universal search, one day, maybe. But we want to consistently… Read more »

Want a Free Site Audit?

It’s no secret that site audit panels are some of the most popular sessions at all the various SEO and affiliate conferences. As a result of the success and feedback I’ve heard from the analysis of Target’s new website, I decided that we’re going to start doing site audits on a regular basis. They won’t… Read more »