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SEO in the Auto Industry: An Interview with Greg Gifford

We hear and read a lot of SEO tips on several niches, but one I don’t hear talked about much in the SEO realm is the auto industry. In fact, the only person I have personally heard discussing it is Greg Gifford, Search and Social director at The auto industry is HUGE and they have incredible monthly marketing budgets. This is… Read more »

Top SEO Predictions For 2016


Each year we see SEO change in so many ways. Basic practices become penalties and rules of thumb turn into crossed fingers. That’s why SEO’s are some of the most adaptable people, quick to respond to Google’s latest algorithm and a client’s latest request. As long as the internet is around there will always be… Read more »

New Facebook Features You Need to Use in 2016


Facebook is always making changes, and generally they are for the better. Some of Facebook’s most recent updates are intended to help businesses improve both their advertisements and business pages, while serving more relevant ads to users and making call to actions clearer. With over a billion people using Facebook daily, it’s important to make… Read more »

Why Keyword Rank Tracking is Still Important


Folks ask me all the time what AuthorityLabs is. When I explain we offer keyword rank tracking I am often asked why it is needed. I am always surprised at the question. I often find that the people asking are newer to online marketing or SEO and they have read that “keywords” don’t matter. Keywords… Read more »

Common SEO Problems Recovery Options – AuthorityLabs HoA Recap, Video

Common SEO Problems Recovery Options – AuthorityLabs HoA Recap, Video

This episode of the #AuthorityHoA was originally streamed live on November 11 with featured guests Michael Schwarz and Dan Roberts of, and hosted by Melissa Fach, produced by Michelle Stinson Ross. Below we a have a quick written recap and the video from the hangout. The Recap Melissa Fach: What is the best strategy to avoid content vomiting… Read more »

9 Steps to Creating a Social Media Presence


Trying to manage social media for a business can be a heavy task to take on. The immediacy of social media makes businesses feel the need to consume themselves with every social channel, tweet, and pin. Luckily, there is a way to maintain a strong social media presence for your business without spending 8 hours… Read more »