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8 Reasons Your Agency Needs AuthorityLabs

We all know the life and needs of agencies are different than those of in-house marketers. Providing successful marketing to several clients, versus just one business, can be a heavy burden. Although tools are essential for both types of marketers, certain tools benefit certain marketers better than others. AuthorityLabs is a great example of a… Read more »

Track Mobile Rankings with AuthorityLabs

Mobile SERP tracking with AuthorityLabs has arrived! You can now track mobile search results and compare the data to your current SERP data to see how well your site is doing in the mobile arena. The process is simple, just add a domain and check the “Track Mobile Results” box and we will start collecting data for… Read more »

How to Format Your ‘Now Provided’ Report – Part 2

AuthorityLab’s Now Provided report is a particularly engaging report that looks at your keyword performance on specific landing pages. I know, sups cool. In Formatting Your Now Provided – Part 1, I went over Keyword, Position, Search Vol, CPC, Competition, Opportunity, Traffic (%), Traffic Cost (%), Num of Results. Formatting these metrics with conditional formatting created a… Read more »

Learn Excel with These Top 4 Resources

Learning Excel can be an intimidating and overwhelming process for marketers. I started learning Excel at the age of 15 in my Mom’s office and didn’t think it was very exciting at the time. Now Excel and I are entangled in a complicated love/hate relationship that would challenge the 50 Shades of Grey plot line. On second… Read more »

How to Format Your ‘Now Provided’ Report – Part 1 [VIDEO]

Many of you have tried out of new Now Provided report. If you haven’t the Now Provided report pulls together AuthorityLabs ranking data, Google Analytics data, and a few other data points to show you how many pages are receiving organic traffic and a list of the keywords that those pages rank for. Now the million… Read more »

Google Doesn’t Think Your Title Tags are Good Enough

For several years now, Google has been changing some title tags in the SERPs. Some of these changes are to be expected, such as when a title tag is longer than what can be displayed in the results. Other changes are a result of differences in how Google views the page content vs. title tag,… Read more »