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Why You Cannot Ignore the Power of Live Video, Anymore

  You cannot rest on your laurels when it comes to digital marketing. Staying on top of the latest techniques and trends in the online marketing stratosphere is the key to sustainable success. Among the latest trends to gain popularity is live video marketing. According to Social Media Examiner, video will make up around 80%… Read more »

10 Essential Outsourcing Tips To Find The Experts And Avoid The Duds

Traditionally, the major aim of outsourcing was to find cheaper manufacturing costs by utilizing labor forces from overseas. Today, organizations are increasingly becoming interested in finding outside specialists to handle the time-consuming tasks that distract a business from its main focus. In the digital marketing world, these tasks can include things like creating blog content,… Read more »

Managing Negative Reviews To Unlock SEO And Digital Marketing Potential

Reviews have become an essential part of operating a business. Your ability to manage your reputation via online review channels can be a big difference maker in the digital marketing landscape because consumers so avidly rely on these customer evaluations. The data behind reviews is staggering, as well. BrightLocal found that 88% of consumers rely… Read more »

How To Create Content That Will Drive Engagement, New Visits And Rankings

Content is the single biggest driver of website traffic. Often regarded as the “lifeblood” of a website, traffic is a big component in judging a page’s success. More traffic creates more opportunities to convert and potentially spike revenue. Yet, the way we create content isn’t always thought out. Content’s titanic impact on critical metrics and… Read more »

How to Use Your Content to Improve Dwell Time

Whenever I think of improving dwell time on pages, that classic scene from the movies plays in my head. It’s the scene where one of the “good guys” has to distract a not-so-bright sentry, while the rest of the heroes slip past undetected. We watch as the character goes to comic lengths to keep that… Read more »