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8 Google Docs Features You Should Be Using

I recently introduced you to Google Spreadsheets, one of the many Google Docs offerings available for free. Today I’m going to share with you some of the features in Google Documents that you should be using. This will be particularly helpful if you’re still not sure that you’re ready to make the switch from a… Read more »

Can the SEO industry help Google?

Google is people. It’s not the Death Star, or some omnipotent force that can bend the web to its will. Its algorithms can only do so much against the onslaught of link buyers trying to game organic search. And it needs a little bit of help. SEO guys will always be one step ahead of… Read more »

Is Groupon replaceable?

Can anyone unseat Groupon as the local deals leader? If you’d asked me before the Super Bowl, I would have laughed at this question. Even without backing from a large company, Groupon has managed to dominate the daily deal market, and is a huge favorite among cost-conscious shoppers. Even my mom asks about buying things… Read more »

7 Google Spreadsheet Features You Should be Using

Gone are the days when you’d need to shell out hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office to have access to a solid spreadsheet program. Today a great program is as close as your local Google account. Simply log on to Google Docs, create a new spreadsheet and you’re good to go. If you’re new to… Read more »

How Companies Really Screw Up Public Relations

The popularity of Jersey Shore and the vitriol of internet forums prove that we can’t resist watching disaster unfold, no matter what size the screen. While it’s great fun if no one gets hurt, public relations disasters can hurt companies far greater than most of us will ever know. From the Motrin moms to Antennagate… Read more »

11 Things You Can Do to Piss Google Off

If you have a web presence, the last thing you want to do is get blacklisted by Google. Although there are a variety of ways that potential customers can find your site, include a multitude of search engines, Google will likely be your largest single source of traffic. The unfortunate part of this whole scenario… Read more »