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16 Gmail Features You Should be Using

If you’re like me, you have a primary Gmail account and you filter all of your email through it. I have Gmail check my POP3 accounts and I even have multiple Gmail accounts all filter into the primary account. Even though I’ve been using Gmail since the days when you had to have an invitation… Read more »

AuthorityLabs Tip: Track Scrapers and Syndicated Content

Earlier today, I was reading about how Stack Overflow was being outranked by sites that were scraping their content. This reminded me of a pretty cool use for the automated SERP tracking provided by AuthorityLabs. Let’s say you’re in a similar situation to Stack Overflow. People may be scraping and using your content legitimately so… Read more »

AuthorityLabs Tip: Separate Branded Terms

Looking for ways to take full advantage of the features in AuthorityLabs? We’ve decided to put together a series of tips on using all of the great features inside our SERP tracking tool. Today’s tip is on separating branded terms from the terms that don’t have a brand in them. There are a few reasons… Read more »

Let Me Google That For You – Rapportive Style

Rapportive is a handy browser extension that shows up in place of the ads in the sidebar of Gmail and Google Apps email. It displays additional information about your contacts such as photos, their location, and a brief bio. It can also help you to grow your network by showing where to find their social… Read more »

Geo-Targeting Cell Phone Customers with Search Queries

We’ve gotten a few questions about the relative volume data we’re visualizing now, instead of showing the actual search volume figures we get from Google.  For some, this won’t be particularly “better” than just seeing the actual numbers. There are cases, though, where having relative global and local search volume numbers visualized on one page… Read more »

Understanding Relative Search Volume

We’ve updated the way we show global and local search volume figures we get via the AdWords API. We’ve decided to calculate traffic data we get from AdWords and give each number a relative value compared to the keywords tracking within a domain or page. There are a couple reasons for this … We consistently… Read more »