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The 3 E’s of a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is at the heart of successful digital marketing. It comes in many different shapes, sizes and formats: blogs, videos, surveys, polls, infographics – you name it. Which makes it even harder to find companies that don’t have some sort of content strategy in place, whether it’s complete or not. Content’s popularity and impact on… Read more »

The 5 Shortcuts You Need for Quick Keyword Research

We all know that doing keyword research makes a huge impact on SEO for our websites. Sometimes life happens and you don’t have the bandwidth, resources, or quite simply, the stamina to do really thorough research that needs to be done for keywords. Plus, when you’re tied up with a million other projects, you still… Read more »

Get Your eCommerce Website Ranking on Page One With These Tips

These days having an eCommerce website can be more competitive than a storefront. With outlets like SquareSpace and the range of eCommerce WordPress themes available, building an online website can be done by just about anyone, web developer experience or not. Which means just about everyone is building an online store and competing for your… Read more »

Psychological Marketing Strategies That Work

What makes a customer want to buy a product? What makes them become loyal to a brand? Consumer behavior is incredibly interesting, and sometimes the answers are a lot simpler than us marketers make them out to be. A lot of a consumer’s purchase decisions can be explained by their psychological habits and behaviors –… Read more »

Instagram Stories Give Users Another Snapchat Experience

#NoShade Instagram just stepped up their game and is ready to go head to head against Snapchat with their release of Instagram Stories. Almost exactly like Snapchat, Instagram Stories are a way to share multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format. As talk started yesterday after Instagram published their blog post announcement, people quickly… Read more »