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Update: Changes are live!

We’re going to be pushing a pretty big update to AuthorityLabs soon. We’ve revamped and cleaned up the interface quite a bit and added a bunch of features which should make managing an account a lot easier. Most notably though, this new interface will make room for keyword tagging which isn’t completed yet but will be in the next couple weeks. We’ve always wanted to build something which enables marketers to easily access, analyze and find opportunities within keyword ranking data. This update and keyword tagging will get us a lot closer to that goal while keeping things pretty simple.

The Dashboard


The old dashboard didn’t provide much insight into how a domain was performing as a whole. We’re now calculating the average rank for all keywords tracking within a domain and displaying that data for Google, Yahoo! and Bing along with the change in average rank from the previous day. To give weight to keywords which aren’t ranking we calculate their rank as 101. This isn’t the ideal solution but we’ll be iterating on this performance indicator to make it more valuable over time. We also provide a small sparkline graph displaying the last 30 days of average ranking data. At a glance, you can see whether a domain is doing better on Google, Yahoo! or Bing.  If you have competing domains tracking within AuthorityLabs you can  easily see which one ranks better overall, or if you have the same domain tracking the same keywords across multiple locales, you can see which locale is performing better.

Domain Linking

As well as being able to delete multiple domains, you now will have the ability to link two or more domains together. When two domains are linked and you add or remove a keyword within one, the same keyword gets added or removed within the other. This helps people who track the same keywords for multiple competing domains or the same domain across multiple locales.

Domain Level Performance Indicators


The average rank for a domain on Google, Yahoo! and Bing on the dashboard this is surfaced within a domain as well. In addition to this is the actual number of keywords within a domain and the amount of keywords which are ranking.  If you’re tracking 100 keywords and only 10 are ranking, there’s some work to be done.

Multiple Keyword Delete

Deleting multiple keywords within AuthorityLabs has been quite a pain. Now you can select multiple keywords and delete them all at once.

More Useful Graphs


Adding and removing multiple keywords from your graph just got much easier also. Simply select multiple keywords and add or remove them from the graph. We’re now providing the ability to graph longer periods of time. You can access the ranking history on all graphs within AuthorityLabs for the past 30 days, three months or six months.

URL Ranking Change


We keep track of the URL which ranks for a keyword / domain combo. This helps people understand whether or not people visiting a site through search are finding exactly what they intended. It also helps if you’re updating a sites structure or initiating a content strategy. Now, within AuthorityLabs you can see if a URL ranking changed from the day before. If it did change, that rank will be highlighted. Hover over, or click that link and you’ll be directed to the exact content ranking for that keyword. This is also implemented in the keyword history page which helps you see the entire ranking and URL ranking history for a specific keyword.

Custom Logo

This one we pushed a few weeks ago, but just in case you didn’t notice you can upload your own logo into AuthorityLabs, so get on it! It makes your account much more fun to use 🙂

Let us know what you think.  Exciting things to come!

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