AuthorityLabs Now Supports City and Zip Code Level Tracking

As most people know, search results can vary from city to city or even from one zip code to another. If I search for [electrician] from my house, I will get slightly different SERPs compared to someone searching from another zip code within Phoenix. We’ve just rolled out the ability to track a URL at the city or zip code level, so you can now see that variation without having to do any workarounds such as adding a modifier. This feature has been in testing for a few months and we’re confident that it’s the best local search tracking available. Now you don’t have to settle for only country level tracking or average ranking data that doesn’t work for those wanting to segment their tracking by location.

Getting Started with Local Tracking

When you log into your account, you may notice a new icon next to the “Add a Domain” field. Clicking this icon will allow you to specify a location to track SERPs for.

Add a Domain

In the box that pops up, start typing in a location and we will automatically suggest options for locations and zip codes.

Select City/Zip

Once you’ve set that, the icon will turn green and the next domain you add will be added for that location. We’ll automatically tag the domain with the location you’ve selected so you can filter by location from the dashboard. From there, it’s just like any other domain/locale combination in our interface and we’ll track it daily for you.

Local SERP Tracking

Keep in mind that since we count keywords on a domain/location combination, each new location you add a keyword for will count toward account keyword limits since a new SERP has to be processed for each location. If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact support through the link at the top of the interface and we’ll get you taken care of.


Brian LaFrance

It is available through our API on a limited basis right now but feel free to email me (brian at and let me know what you’d need to do with it and we can help 🙂

Brian LaFrance

Yup. That’s in the plans. No ETA yet but we’ll get there.


Yes! please roll this out to the UK ASAP, it will be a great addition.


Can you add more than one city to check rankings for the same domain? Or do you have to add the same domain again separately for a different city?

Brian LaFrance

You have to add each one separately but can track as many as you want. When you add each one, we’ll automatically tag the URL with the location you’re tracking so it’s easy to filter by location on the dashboard.

Max Chadwick

This functionality is a great additional. Thanks!


Can you edit a previously entered domain to now search locally instead of in the US?

Brian LaFrance

Because of how we associate locales with domains when tracking them, you would need to add the domain again with the same set of keywords.

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