Disavow Links Tool Recap: Explanations and Tips

This past week at Pubcon Matt Cutts attended and announced the new Disavow Links Tool. SEO’s started speculating and forming opinions on it right away. Below we have collected a great group of articles about the Disavow Links Tool. However, first we have a video by Matt Cutts explaining the tool. We would love to know your opinions on the tool and what you feel Google’s reasons were for creating it.

A New Tool to Disavow Links

Google’s Webmaster Central’s Blog gives an explanation of the tool and answers some questions regarding the tool.

Google Launches Disavow Links Tool

Danny Sullivan was at Pubcon for the tool announcement by Matt Cutts and he reviews what Matt said and also gives suggestions on using the tool.

Google’s Disavow Link Tool: Their Best Spam Reporting Tool Yet

Barry Schwartz was also at the tool announcement at Pubcon and he gives you his opinion on what the tool will really be used for.

Google’s Disavow Tool – Take a Deep Breath

Dr. Pete breaks down how to determine if you need the tool and how the tool is used. Great post!

The Many Shades of Google’s Link Disavow Tool

Jennifer Slegg goes over what you need to know based on Matt Cutt’s comments at Pubcon.

Google’s Disavow Links Tool: First Impressions

Jayson DeMers offers his insights and goes over some very important questions regarding the tool.
Google Disavow Tool

Aaron Wall (SEO Book) gives his take and suggestions on the tool.

Will Google’s Link Disavow Tool Come Back To Haunt Webmasters?

Chris Crum gives his thoughts and opinions and also discusses a question Danny asked Matt at the tool announcement. It was a great question with the typical Google response.

Disavow Me and My Blog, Google – I Don’t Give a Sh*t!

Sarah Arrow tells it like it is and makes some fantastic points!

The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries!

Lots to learn from Tim Grice; go read and learn about penalties, link audits and the disavow tool.

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