Do You Know When To Post On Social Networks?

Are you just randomly posting of Facebook and Twitter? What about posting on Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Do you know when your followers and fans are most likely to see your content? Have you pinpointed the best times of the day to post on your various social media sites?


What about the times to avoid posting on social networks? Are you aware of those?


Uh-oh. You could be wasting value time and money.

Any chance you think knowing these things would help you maximize the reach of your social media posts? Yes?

Here is a great infographic that gives you a very general time frame to start with for:

The Best & Worst Times to Post on Social Networks

Optimize Social Media Posting Times

(Infographic source: Social Caffeine)

Now mind you, every vertical has it’s own set of times, business, fitness, arts, etc…but it general this is a good start.

More importantly, you need to understand that all social networks and social sharing have their distinct peaks and valleys of optimal times for sharing. Even your own social network has its own ebb and flow to the day.

There is some significant data making the case that not all social media channels nor the people in the networks share alike. Or consume and share information at the same time.

After examining the social sharing data from 10,000+ publishers, data from RadiumOne’s show that not only are there peak times for social sharing in general, but there are also different peak times for click backs, for sharing to certain social platforms, for sharing on different devices and for sharing based on user geography.

  • Research highlights include:
    • There are two peak sharing times during the day: First between 10 a.m.  and noon and then again between 8 and 10 p.m.
    • The worst time to share an article, if your goal is to maximize clickbacks, is between 9 and 11a.m.
    • Sharing and clickbacks remain consistent from 1- 6 p.m.
    • The hours between noon and 2pm see the most shares with the highest clickback rates.

    During peak hours, not all content is shared equally. The top five verticals include:

    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Technology
    • Health & Fitness
    • Business
    • Politics

    Peak sharing times shift across the globe as well. Here are the peak times for sharing content, by country:

    • United States: 9 a.m is Highest Share Count, 1 p.m. Most Clickbacks
    • Great Britain: 6 p.m. is Highest Share Count, 4 a.m. Most Clickbacks
    • France: 12 p.m. is Highest Share Count, 5 a.m. is Most Clickbacks
    • India: 12 p.m. is Highest Share Count, 11:30am is Most Clickbacks

    One thing to note is that these numbers vary dramatically across the globe and while there may be cultural factors at play, this data reflects the times when people are currently sharing the most. This does not necessarily mean it is the best time to share content. Since so many people may be sharing at these times, it may make it more difficult to cut through the noise and actually reach people during these times.

    The fact that the highest times for clickbacks does not directly match the peak times that people are sharing content, means that people are dividing their days into times when they are sharing content and times when they are engaging with content. In the U.S. people are sharing content in the morning but actually engaging with content and clicking through during lunchtime….More at Forbes: What’s The Best Time To Share Social Content? | Blog

What are your thoughts? Have you taken the time to study when your community is online? Have you implemented a strategy for your social networks? What’s been working for you?

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Is it best to base these times off of local time(AZ), New York time, or Cali time if the content is mainly about tech and startups? Or should we go neutral and use Central TIme?

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