Does Your Website Sell or Just Rank?

I see the same all the time and it is a bit irritating, businesses believe that their only concern needs to be on SEO and ranking. Guess what? That is completely false.

SEO is important and it plays a critical role in success online. SEO can help people find you, but it doesn’t sell your services or products. Your website and content do, or they should. What good does it do to rank if you are not making money?


The whole point of a website is to market and sell. Websites should make you money, and if they are not doing so there is something wrong. All websites need to have a plan in place for selling and creating trust on every page of the site.

Basics to keep in mind:

  • Websites are not for bragging, they are for selling.
  • Websites must meet the needs of the particular users visiting the site. What are they? Plan ahead!
  • There must be planned and researched content for each page.
  • Content needs to sell and create trust.
  • There should be an SEO strategy for each page of the site, but you have to sell and create trust!
  • Content should explain each service you offer, why people need it and why you should be trusted to perform it.
  • Each page of your site should help support at least one other page of the site. Example, refer to related services.
  • There should be a way to track visitors and their movements through tools.
  • There should be easy-to-use contact forms that make things easier for the visitor.
  • The site must answer questions that people need answered to create enough trust for them to contact you.

Use Your Family and Friends This Thanksgiving! 

Sometimes people believe that they have created a successful site and content to go with it, but they are not being objective. Take some time over the holidays to ask your family and/or friends to look over your website and to be completely honest with you. Ask them if they could figure out what you do, would they trust you if they didn’t know you, was your site easy to navigate/use and would they hire you.

Gather feedback/data to help you begin to make the changes that will turn your site into a selling machine. [Then hire a good consultant 🙂 ]

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AuthorityLabs Community Jedi - Melissa Fach is the owner of SEOAware, LLC that specializes in consulting and training businesses. She is also the Community Jedi at AuthorityLabs, the Social Community Manager for Pubcon, a past Editor of Search Engine Journal and a big cat volunteer. You can find her on Twitter @SEOAware.

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