Facebook Makes Changes to Facebook Email

Facebook is posting the following announcement:

“UserName, we want to let you know about an upcoming change to your Facebook email address: UserName@facebook.com.

When someone sends you an email at that address, it will no longer go to your Messages on Facebook. Instead, the email will be forwarded to the primary email address on your account: username@whatever.com

We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email addresses, and we wanted to make it easier to view all your emails in one place. Plus, we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.

Learn more about your Facebook email.

facebookTo be perfectly honest I was quite irritated when Facebook created their “email address” and didn’t even ask me if I wanted it. I have not utilized it in anyway and I know no one that has. I think Facebook email is/was essentially wasted time, energy and money.

Ask Us What We Think!

I think all social networks, and search engines, could save wasted time, energy and money by asking the users what they would like or not like. If you are not asking your user what they like or don’t like you are missing out on valuable information that could help your company create something amazing and useful.

Marketers are constantly talking about the importance of user feedback. TV and movie studios use test audiences all the time. Product producers use testers and get opinions. What I don’t understand is why social networks and search engines, both are used pretty much non-stop, don’t ask their users what they would need, want or would like or dislike!

Obviously social networks and search engines do a lot of things right, but I think they fail at a lot of things because they fail to get the input of their users. What do you think?


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