Want a Free Site Audit?

It’s no secret that site audit panels are some of the most popular sessions at all the various SEO and affiliate conferences. As a result of the success and feedback I’ve heard from the analysis of Target’s new website, I decided that we’re going to start doing site audits on a regular basis. They won’t be full-on audits like you’ll get from a paid consultant, but they will point out easy fixes and recommendations for making your site better. This won’t be meant to bash anyone specifically and will be gentler than what we did with Target. This is an opportunity for people to not only learn what could be done better on their own site but also gives others the ability to learn based on real life scenarios.

We’re going to initially shoot for one every two weeks but if there’s good feedback it may be more.

The Rules

  • Submit only one of your sites for audit.
  • Email must be sent to siteaudits AT authoritylabs.com and must come from an email on the domain that is being audited (no throwing other people under the bus :P).
  • Not everyone will get a chance to have their site audited. We will choose based on what we feel people can benefit the most from.
  • By submitting a site, you accept the risks involved in having us pick your work apart.
  • We’re not doing this to “out” anyone, so if you’re doing all kinds of shady stuff, we likely won’t pick your site for review. We’d suggest not even submitting it in the first place since people will be allowed to comment and add their thoughts. It’ll save both of us a headache.
  • No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.