Geo-Targeting Cell Phone Customers with Search Queries

We’ve gotten a few questions about the relative volume data we’re visualizing now, instead of showing the actual search volume figures we get from Google.  For some, this won’t be particularly “better” than just seeing the actual numbers.

There are cases, though, where having relative global and local search volume numbers visualized on one page helps us understand search behavior better. The difference between ‘cell’ and ‘mobile’ when talking about phones is a perfect example …

Global vs Local Relative Search Volume Example

Here we can see that ‘mobile phones’ is searched for more globally than any other term tracking under that domain.  But, when we’re talking about the United States, ‘cell phones’ is searched for far more than ‘mobile phones’.  The shorter dark blue bar graph represents the local volume, and the taller lighter blue bar graph represents the global search volume.

Lets double check what we’re seeing here with Google Insights for Search

Yup … if you’re in the cell phone industry use ‘cell’ to target US customers and ‘mobile’ to target the majority of english speaking countries around the world.

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