Are Goals or Tools the Foundation of Your Marketing?

I wanted to share the video below, by Mackenzie Fogelson, where she discusses her process for setting goals for marketing. Mackenzie actually breaks down her 5-step process and explains different techniques and strategies you can use in all forms of marketing.

The two areas she covers I think are really important. One, I see many businesses missing or failing to examine what their KPIs are. Two, many businesses over focus on tools and the data and forget to determine what their goals are first.

This video has some great tips for strategy and execution and it is less than 5 minutes, so please take a small part of your day and check it out.

This video was originally posted on Moz.

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Ronell Smith


This video echoes a point I’ve made numerous times in the last few months: We cannot place tools ahead of relationships, learning, skills.

Tool do make it possible to accomplish far more in our work and personal lives, but they are not the be-all and end-all.


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