GoDaddy Can Go to Hell. Stop Hosting Your Sites There.

Just stop using GoDaddy for hosting. Seriously. They’re no good. If you’re running a site for business and you’re still hosting at GoDaddy, it’s time to hire someone to make your technical decisions for you.

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Bruce Kolinski

Generally speaking, I don’t care much for giant conglomerate monopolies. Go Daddy isn’t quite there yet, but I suspect they’d like to go there. That said, I’ve only used Go Daddy for domains, never for hosting so I can’t speak to their hosting services, but my experience with their customer service and response to questions regarding emails accounts, etc. through other hosts has been good. Presently, all of my political blogging sites are hosted at Word Press, which is user friendly for a non-techno-geek such as myself.
I’m going to be setting up an online retail store sometime in the next couple of months and am starting to research hosts for that. I’m not sure Word Press is appropriate for an online store.
Anyway — nice rant.
Bruce K.

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