5 Things I’ve Learned From Google Correlate

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Google correlate yet, head on over there and play around. There are some huge insights to be gained from it, especially if you’re targeting areas of the US with your product or campaigns.

1. Utah: Not good for beer. Great for bikinis.

I’m not really surprised by the fact that searches for beer are dramatically lower in Utah, but it is pretty funny that they fall right behind Hawaii as the #2 place for bikini searches.

2. Weed correlates with new Family Guy episodes

This totally makes sense. What also makes sense is that weed is apparently searched for all over the place…except Utah (must be a boring place to be).

Looking at the following maps, it becomes clear that [dui] seems to be far more popular in Arizona than anywhere else and [dwi] is far more popular in New Mexico than anywhere else. I suspect that this is due to regional variations in the term used to describe driving drunk or intoxicated.

4. People in the midwest are fat because they don’t hike

That’s not really true, but looking at the data on [hiking] and [hiking trails], it appears that people in the midwest, southeast, and part of the northeast need to do more hiking…or at least search for more places to go hiking.

5. North Carolina is a hotbed for plastic surgery and liposuction.

I searched this and fully expected California to be dark green and the rest of the maps to be almost white. Boy was I wrong.

Obviously, my examples above are fairly useless, but if you know what you’re doing, Google correlate could be a gold mine of information.