Google’s Fake Transparency

Google & Matt Cutts revised their stance on handling “unnatural links” notices. Here’s my take…

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C’mon if you got those un-natural notices then you were def doing some crazy things 😉 I mean c’mon you had to. I am not saying it was right and they handled it all correctly, but yeah it scared the crap out of people and their bank accounts since they were no longer ranking and losing monies.

I was up in arms… not sure what to do. All the so called “gurus” saying don’t submit a request, do submit one… build more spammy links etc….
Matt Cutts eventually said if you got that un-natural link notice it was manual and not some algorithm thing so to me that means some guy/girl sitting at a computer is going to have to un-check some box that says OK you are playing fair now and your site will not have this penalty against it.

So that made me say I gotta do something here since I had put a lot of time into my site. Basically this is how it went for me. Sent in 3 reconsideration requests. The first one was immediate since I was Skeered. This was before I saw Matt’s update. I deleted some “bad links” BMR 😉 some other side wides etc… but it takes webmaster tools forever to actually recalculate. Sent in 2 more requests and got the you are still in violation etc….. In a last ditch effort I sent a 4th request spilling the beans and asking for just a bit more clarification as to what links were still bad. Low and behold they sent me 2 example links in an actual reply email, not some automated response.

So I sent them an email with a list of links that this one so called “Seo service” got me, but said they cannot remove them and a few on page things I changed ” landing pages to regular theme”. I also kissed a lot of butt… I won’t ever use a service again, I am sorry I was told this is the way to get rankings etc….

After that I got another email saying “There are still many inorganic links pointing to your site.” and ”
We know that perhaps not every link can be cleaned up, but in order to deem a reconsideration request as successful, we need to see a substantial good-faith effort to remove the links, and this effort should result in a decrease in the number of bad links that we see. You might consider reaching out to the webmasters of the sites with the inorganic links on them. ”

So… now I knew more of the links they were after. I said screw it. I took a whole day and went through my webmaster tools looking at links. I came up with a templated email “Hi there is a link on your site to mine can you take it down etc…..” I went to every site and either used the contact link or “UGH!!” to find the contact info and sent and email. I documented it all in a word doc. I also had a few landing pages on my site which I thought my cause issue so I changed them to the regular layout of the site. It really sucked, but my site was branded etc.. and I did not want to start from scratch.

So about 3 days letter I get an email saying “After re-evaluating your site’s backlinks we are able to partially revoke a manual action.” Wow they partially revoked it. Pretty cool getting somewhere. I figured it will prob take weeks to see any increase. So I decided to attack some more links and document the removal process.

Finally after another submission I get this email “After reevaluating your site’s backlinks and your progress in reducing them, we have been able to further modify how these links are treated.

At this time, you can consider this reconsideration request to be complete, but please be aware of the quality of links to your site moving forward. There are still some inorganic links to your site, and we’ve taken action on those, but we’ve kept our actions extremely granular, focusing on those remaining links.” there was more info, but I don’t want to post it all here.
This was literally last week, so I have not seen any big increase in rankings. I also have not done much to the site since I did not want to mess around. It seems to me now though I have no filter/penalty to keep my down so from here on in I need to get moving etc…

I have seen so much crap online about this and it seems people just spewing garbage. The above happened and if you want more information about it just hit me up here. Had to play the Big G’s game, but hey if that can get me back to making some $$$ from that site then so be it. Oh on another note I have still been ranking in the top 3 spots in Bing/Yahoo and it makes no difference lol. Google is where the traffic is at. I have seen this time and time again with sites Google hit. I still rank in Bing/Yahoo, but buu no traffic and no conversions.

Uncle Demotivator

So basically You’ve become Google’s little b*tch and still didn’t see results? Good luck!


C’mon if you got those un-natural notices then you were def doing some crazy things I mean c’mon you had to.

Give me an “innocent” website address and I will make it “dirty” in Google eyes without You “doing some crazy things”. Believe it or not, anyone can link to Your website and make Your link profile look bad, unless You’re really big brand with ton of “natural” links.

Andrew Tonks

great down to the point post – couldn’t agree with you more in that Google seem to be making it more and more difficult to run a business online – I’m sure for many it’s becoming essential to run PPC, which is obviously great for Google’s shareholders!!

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