Got a Message About User Generated Spam from Webmaster Tools?

Google’a Matt Cutts explains the common reasons why you might be receiving this message and he also gives some good tips on how to search your site to clean up common spammy problems.

Matt talks about forums a lot, but I want to gives a couple of tips to bloggers on looking for some common spammy issues.

  • Do a “site:” search ( think Matt mentions this) and look for typical common spam words. I always look for – viagra, sex, girls, insurance, cars, porn, real estate, SEO and even link building 🙂 – You get the idea; dig through spam emails you receive and create a list of possible subjects/keywords. You might be surprised at what you find.
  • Go into the comments search on your site and search for the same keywords. You may be surprised how many comments are published with spammy keywords. The comment might be good, but if they were sneaky with adding links with spammy anchor text you can always remove the link(s) and leave the comment.
  • In comments pay close attention to the user’s name. It might be Topeka Real Estate…that is not cool! Clean up the names when and where you can (I often take the first name off the email they used).

Other than that, take Matt’s advice in the video on finding ways to avoid issues in the future (he is a smart dude). 

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