Grouping and Syncing Domains on Authority Labs

Grouping and Syncing are two great features that have been released with our new interface. These are options that are especially helpful for accounts with multiple domains. Grouping is used to organize the domains, while Syncing is used for concatenating keywords across more than one domain.

Grouping Domains

Grouping domains will allow you to perform actions to multiple domains in that group. You can group domains together by clicking the check box next to the domains. Select two or more domains and you will see the domain actions panel on the left of your screen. Check out our support page for a full video tutorial on how to group domains.


You will have the option to Group, Ungroup or Delete those domains. Click “Group” and those domains will then be lumped together on the dashboard from then on. You also have the option to name the group. I named mine “Shopping”, and it’s as simple as that.


Syncing Domains

After grouping your domains you have the option to sync them. When the domains are synced so are the keywords. So anytime you add or delete keywords in a synced group it will be reflected in each domain in that group. Check out our support page for a full video tutorial on how to sync domains.


NOTE: To unsync your domains click on the syncing button again so that it turns from green to grey.


An awesome aspect of syncing a group is that you get to compare the domains in the group. This comes in handy when you’re trying the track out a domain preforms in different city.


To navigate to this option just click on the group name.


Here I am able to compare keywords for Olive Garden in Orlando, Phoenix and other cities or zip codes. But, you can also compare competing domains with this option, as long as they are in the same synced group.

How These Options Can Help You

Grouping can help organize your domains, whether you use this to group similar domains, competing domains, or even the same domain in different locations. Syncing will allow you to concatenate all keywords over multiple domains. It also allows you to compare multiple keyword rankings across the domains in the group. I would highly recommend syncing and grouping some of your domains.

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