Hate Writing? What About Video?

For many businesses writing content is a nightmare. They don’t enjoy it, they don’t want to do it and they are not sure what to write about it. There is another option, video.

Businesses can create videos that drive in more clients, increase revenue and help create a trusted reputation. People are searching YouTube for answers to common questions and “how to”s constantly. You can create videos with all the information people maybe looking for. If you don’t like to write consider video.

Video Topics

We always recommend to clients that they write about the following topics. You can do the same thing with video.

  • Explain things their clients/customers can learn from – educate.
  • Answer questions for current and potential clients/customers.
  • Define terms your audience needs to know.
  • Explain services and why they are needed. What can happen without them?
  • Offer advice and what to avoid in regards to each service and/or product.
  • Offer guides/how to information.

If You Offer Nothing, There is No Point

All videos need to offer something to the viewer. If they are watching they are looking for something, so make sure you cover the subject. At the same time, you need to make sure you sound educated and professional. You want to make sure that you sound like a trustworthy business to use. You want to be showing who you are and why you are different without selling yourself. Selling turns people off.

You can make a series of videos – part 1, part 2 etc. People tend to keep clicking on videos. You can also have related videos that can link to one another.

Four critical components:

  • Attract a viewer.
  • Sell (without selling) your services, products and company.
  • Offer them other videos to view next.
  • Make sure you end with a multiple ways for people to contact you and have a link in your description.

It is Easy to Create Blog Posts with Videos

If you have a video you can embed it into a blog post. All you really need is a brief intro explaining what the video has to offer the viewer and a reason why they can’t miss watching it. BAM, you have a blog post, unique content and the viewer gets to see who you really are. Under the video you could link to related videos/other blog posts.

All businesses have to work on marketing themselves, but they also have to find a way to do that they are comfortable with. If you don’t like writing try video.


This infographic, from Sol8,  below is about how online video drives conversion and traffic. Please review it.

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