Heading to #Pubcon? Some Tips on Using Their Agenda for Social & Blogging

As someone that has attended many conferences and has done blogging and social sharing from the conferences I know how crazy things can get. Pubcon is the largest conference I have ever been to and because there is so much to focus on I find it is helpful to get some prep done ahead of time.

So, I am going to give some tips on using the Pubcon agenda to help you prepare and find the info you need faster for social sharing and live-blogging. If you are planning a schedule of sessions ahead of time and know you won’t be deviating from it you might has well have the speaker’s info handy for fast writing or tweeting.

Pro Tip: If you are blogging having the bios and links done ahead of time saves you precious time.

The Pubcon session grid is located here.  Many people see it as a flat agenda and I am going to show you how to get more out of it. In the screen shot below you can each of the titles for sessions are actually a link to session details.

Pubcon Agenda

Session Details

Those links lead to the session details page where you get more info about what the speakers are going to discuss, but there are links to the nitty gritty data you need.


See Ann Smarty?

If you click on her name you get everything you need to know for blogging and tweeting – her job title, a link to her website, her bio and her Twitter handle.

Links in Bio

So There You Go!

We hope you have a fantastic time and we hope this tidbit of info will save you some work time (and searching for info) while you are there. Also check out the Pubcon itinerary builder. Please reach out if you have any questions. Our team will be all over Pubcon, so come say hello and make sure to come see us for free drinks on Oct. 7th at 6pm.

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