How Many Ways Can You Repurpose a Blog Post?

Blog posts can be valuable and they can also be used in many beneficial ways. Now there is an infographic that breaks down 37 different ways you can repurpose your blog post. This information comes from I feel it is critical for businesses to find a way to use blog posts in multiple ways so they can justify the investment of time and money. The following infographic breaks down really smart ways your business can use blog posts. So take some time to read through the ideas and share them with your marketing team.

What I really love about this IG is that the suggestions are broken down in different categories of use, including social, design, email, tech and more! The ideas offered can be spread around to multiple business departments and good marketing strategies can be planned ahead of time. We hope you enjoy the info as much as we did.

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Anthony Pensabene

i’ve been asking here and there how to re-purpose content, feeling my question has been ducked… thanks for this.. 🙂

Jemma Taylor

This is great. for longer, list type posts, one way I do it to get a lot of promotion out of it is to take each point in the list and do all these for each one. gives you loads of content that you can use for promotion!!

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