How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Summer Slowness

Businesses of all types have a lot to gain from the scorching summer months. The benefits aren’t only limited to air conditioning and ice cream in the office freezer. A successful business can use summertime as an opportunity to build their team, strike up new relationships with old customers, or even gain new clients by running exciting new promotions that get people talking about their brand. Summer can provide a breath of fresh air for all businesses, regardless of the temperature.

If Your Team is in a Slump

Predator, PreyThink outside of the box with team building. Getting everyone together for coffee and donuts for another summertime icebreaker meeting is wonderful, but if you want to know what makes people tick and foster relationships that expand outside the office, bring together employees with common interests.

If your office is full of fitness fanatics; try something a little crazy. This varies by level of fitness and office environment, as all race participants have to register as individuals and not as a team – but Run For Your Lives is a 5K race that enables its participants to run as either hordes of undead zombies shambling toward race participants, or lets you be the bait, stumbling through a grueling obstacle course while being chased by said undead masses. A 5K race isn’t particularly long, so even if you have people saying, “I’m not in shape to do that!” try suggesting they put on their best fake blood and shamble along as a zombie to join in the fun. (I don’t mind admitting I’d have to be a zombie because I’m not a runner!)

Of course, if you really wanted to watch James from the cubicle down the way suffer for the good of the office, you could try signing up as an office for group CrossFit classes if your building has a gym space, or during lunch hour. CrossFit is a workout that blends gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, running, and strength training into a 20-45 minute timed workout. The classes are small and personal, allowing for team members to cheer one another on. Blue Ridge CrossFit of Asheville, North Carolina is just one location that offers a corporate program. You may even be able to negotiate with your healthcare benefits providers for lower premiums by having your staff involved in an active fitness program.

Reconnect with Customers

Discount Another thing summertime brings to the table is a chance to reconnect with customers. Often, customers that have been repeatedly coming back to your company already get thank-yous in the form of coupons, discounts, and some small businesses even send cards to their most loyal during the holidays as a personal touch. Go through your records and send a card with a promotional offer or a coupon to your customers that haven’t been in for a while, or pick up the phone and thank them for their business.

Starting a new campaign to drive awareness to your brand or business is as easy as accessing the internet. Social media outlets offer a great way to catch customers’ attention through your company’s online presence. For example, OfferPop allows for customizable Facebook and Twitter campaigns to reward loyal customers for signing up for services, gives discount codes, rewards customers for interacting with your brand’s Facebook or Twitter page, and allows your customers to engage with one another in contests you can design to fit your needs. This could work hand in hand with your latest SEO campaign.

Overall, summer doesn’t have to be the dog days of August. It can be a powerful few months to get things done in the office, whether for the health of your team, building relationships with your customers, or gaining new ones.

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