Import Your Raven Tools Historical Data

For those of you looking to get your historical data imported into our interface from Raven, we’re currently processing through those. If you have sent over your API keys and your keywords have been imported into our system, you’re ready to go for importing historical data for those keywords. In order to import that data, you will need to make sure to have a copy of the zip file of historical rankings from Raven Tools.

Once you have that zip file, log into your AuthorityLabs account, click on Account -> Overview in the navigation bar at the top of the interface, and scroll to the bottom of that page and look for the “Historical CSV Imports” headline. You will see a form for choosing the file to upload. Submit your zip file from Raven (make sure there are no edits to the files and that it’s the original zip as downloaded from Raven) and we’ll add it to our processing queue. Depending on how many files are submitted, it may take several hours to finish processing your data.

If you haven’t yet sent over your API keys to be imported, make sure you do that before going through the above steps or they will fail. The domains and keywords will need to be in our interface before the historical data is imported. You can submit those keys here and we will process them as they come in.



Thanks for the update Brian.

I have a few questions re: the historic import and the tracker in general:

1) As it’s the 3rd of jan i think i’ve missed the cut off point for the Raven api import, however i do have the historic ranking .zip from before they shut the serp tracker – can i still upload historic ranking if i enter client manually into the system?

2) Can i edit rankings manually? If not, would you consider implementing this?

3) How can i hide columns in the dashboard and report? Example hiding the type/volume column.


Brian LaFrance

Hey Scott –

We can still get you taken care of. Send over your Raven API keys and we’ll let you know when we import the data tied to those.

There isn’t currently a plan to allow manual editing of rankings. Since we do daily data, that could become overwhelming for everyone. The daily data should also help to avoid many of the issues that come up with only having weekly data (ie. keyword drops for a day and that happened to be the one day a week you get data).

There isn’t a way to hide columns yet, but we’re working on some new interface features like that 🙂

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your swift response – very helpful. I sent over the api keys yesterday and everything has imported smoothly and keywords are tracking successfully today. I’ll upload the historic rankings today.

Okay that makes sense, i haven’t had the luxury of daily rankings yet so this will be interesting!

Great, looking forward to the new features.


Jason Frye

When I decided on Authority Labs after the Raven Tools problems, I remember reading you guys were working on a PDF report system (hopefully that emails). Is this still the case? Any update on when it might become available? Thanks, you guys have done an awesome job with making the transition painless.

Brian LaFrance


We just rolled out the first version of the pdf reports and are working on additional features for those. You can get to the current reports by clicking the pdf icon next to the URL on a domain page. That will generate a pdf based on the current view of that page.


I’m a former raven user as well. I’m really missing the pdf sent automatically by email to the client.
Any news on when this will be available?

Brian LaFrance

It’s toward the top of our list. We don’t really have an ETA on that though. Most likely some point in February.

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