How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%

So everyone knows that nowadays Twitter is all the rave in social media. There are literally millions of people using Twitter with more joining each day. According to Neil Patel, there are more than 190,000,000 visitors to Twitter each month. Did you know that there is more Twitter engagement on Saturdays and Sundays? According to the infographic, these are the best days for engagement and the best times are 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, and 6 PM.

With all that noise on Twitter how do you connect and engage with people? Don’t worry! There are some great tips on increasing engagement in the infographic below from Quicksprout. Neil Patel explains, “How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%”!

Some Quick Facts about WHAT to tweet from the infographic:

  • Engagement is 200% for Tweets with Images
  • People are 21% more likely to respond to questions, so tweet questions!
  • 86% Retweet rate for tweets that contain links
  • Engagement is 17% higher for tweets
  • 92% of engagement with brand tweets come from link clicks



Image Credit:  Quicksprout


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