How To Use Google Plus Like A Marketing Pro

Google Plus. The very name evokes comments about “Google’s failed attempt at social media,” how the platform is “barren as the Sahara desert” and jokes, including “Only Google employees are using it.” Don’t fall for any of these ruses. Though Google Plus might not ring out as the social media platform of choice for the masses, it’s actually the most valuable platform for your business.

While Twitter is now largely overrun with marketers, and Facebook and Instagram slug it out as the platforms of choice for the narcissists, Google Plus is a data-rich vehicle teeming with information that can instantly help your business by allowing you to easily spy on competitors, join communities to uncover the language they’re using to find your products/services and discern what content types likely have the most value for your needs.

These are but a few of the uses that highlights Google Plus as the super platform for your business. The infographic below contains far more in-depth information of how you can immediately start using Google Plus like a pro, leaving the competition in the dirt in the process. Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional Google Plus resources.

(Click on infographic to expand)  Infographic

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