Insights from Summary Data

There are a lots of ways to pull out insights from the AuthorityLabs interface. The Summary section can help people understand pure visibility of a site within search engines. Here are a couple examples…

This Summary section was pulled from a site tracking 1000 keywords. In the middle of August they pushed a big SEO update. The plan was for that update to fix a lot of on-page issues and it looks like it worked. When we started tracking these keywords they were doing really well on Google, relatively well on Yahoo! but they weren’t anywhere on Bing. You can see that by comparing average ranking data. Over the past month they’ve managed to improve their visibility on Bing quite a bit. They started with an average rank on Bing of around 100, and now they have an average rank of 56 which speaks a lot for some of the techniques they’ve used.


What’s important about this, though, is they may not be seeing a whole lot more traffic from Bing. Their really long tail keywords are ranking in the top 5, but their head terms still have a ways to go and are what’s weighing down this average. With this summary data, though, they know they’re moving in the right direction and the changes made in August have had an overall positive affect on ranking performance.


Here is data for another site, not quite tracking as many keywords. The important thing to notice here is the KWs Ranking graph. They’ve deemed 224 keywords as terms they should be ranking for, and out of those 224 keywords only 24 are ranking in the top 100 positions. This is the initial performance indicator you want to look at when starting an SEO campaign, or brand new site. The first goal should be to get all those 224 keywords ranking. Then go from there.

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