An Interview with Annie Cushing About Productivity and Organization

anniecushingThere are a few people I have watched accomplish amazing things and Annie Cushing is one of them. So when I came up with the idea of getting tips on productivity, in work and life, the first person I thought of was Annie Cushing.

Annie is a very successful consultant, a genius at analytics, a speaker, a mother of more kids than I can count and she even runs her own training seminars on the Google Analytics API and how to create reporting dashboards in Excel (the first starts April 30th in Orlando).

Bottom line, Annie is very busy, yet somehow she is able to stay organized while managing many different things. So how does she do that? We asked her just a couple of brief questions on what tools and strategies she uses to keep her life productive and organized.

We are going to interview some other folks as well and our hope is that our readers will gain some new and different ideas on how to make their personal and professional lives run smoother.

1) You manage a lot in your day – tools, clients, audits, conference prep…children 🙂 What is your strategy for prioritizing day to day?

I keep all of my deliverables on a calendar with a breakdown of milestones to meet all of my deadlines. Some days I’m a lot less organized and just try to get to all of my emails and stuff that absolutely has to get done.

2) Can you tell us 2-4 organizational tools you cannot live without?

Evernote and Dropbox. I would be dead in the water without both of those.

3) Do you prefer calendars or to-do lists?


4) As a business owner/consultant what are 3 tools, services or strategies that you have to have to survive?

I think you have to have:

  • A passion for the work you do.
  • A really good accountant.
  • Self-discipline to work hard without supervision.

5) If someone wants to leave a business and start consulting what are 2-3 things you feel they must invest in?

  • A good website.
  • A conference budget.
  • Some kind of online training budget (my fave is to stay sharp.

6) Favorite tax deductions?

Restaurant deductions 🙂

7) PC or Mac?

Both! I’m now running Parallels on my new MacBook Pro. Best of both worlds. And, great for trainer who trains in both.

8) What are Annie’s top 2-3 health tips?

  • Work out regularly. (endorphins are the best legal drugs!)
  • Drink adequate water.
  • Free your life of toxic people. 🙂

Thanks Annie!

I know I am personally going to try out a few of Annie’s strategies ,and start keeping better track of my restaurant deductions :). We hope you got some good ideas as well. Please comment below and tell us which tools or strategies you liked the most and give us some of your suggestions as well.

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