A Last Minute @Pubcon Packing Checklist

pubcon_logoPubcon is just a few days away and many of you are starting to get ready. I have already shared some tips on surviving and thought I would share some last minute items you don’t want to forget!


Throw some granola/protein bars or something similar in your bag so if you wake up late or need a snack at the conference you have something. Sometimes if you are crawling out of bed either really tired or hungover (this is Vegas) a little something to eat helps. It is a lot cheaper to bring a box of granola bars than to buy just one in the hotel. Crackers are a good bet too 😉

Motrin / Aspirin / Tylenol – Bring some for you and for your friends!

Again, this is Vegas and it is noisy and busy and there is a lot of alcohol. Motrin, Aspirin and/or Tylenol can be really helpful and your friends will appreciate that you thought ahead! Trust me when I say it is way cheaper to buy these at home than in the hotel.

Backup Batteries / Power Cords

If you can afford to get a backup battery for your phone, camera and/or computer I highly recommend it! In regards to the phone, if you are at the conference all day and rush off to a marketing party at night how long do you think your phone will last? You will need it!

There will be a lot of picture taking and videos and that can drain your phone/camera quickly. Backup batteries are a blessing! I also suggest, if you can swing it, bringing a power strip, or USB strip for your pals.

Hoodies / Jackets / Sweater

It is COLD in the convention center. Bring something or be prepared to buy a cheesy hotel hoodie for $60-90 at the hotel. You will need them in the hotel bars too; the hotels are fairly cool.

pubconComfy Shoes

If you love your feet and/or the ability to walk or stand I suggest you have comfy shoes ready! Wear comfy shoes to the conference at least and if you have to look all “fancy” save it for the evening. Remember, when you are caring a laptop bag all for 8 hours you need to have comfortable shoes on.

Travel Home Exhaustion Clothing

When you go home the odds are you will be very tired and you will want to sleep on the plane (even if you never sleep on planes, “raising my hand”). When you arrive at the airport you will see many exhausted and raggedy looking folks and they don’t care how they look either; sleep is the goal. I suggest you bring an outfit that will be comfortable and easy to wear for your flight home. A small pillow for sleeping is helpful too.

Breath Mints or Gum

You will be meeting a lot of people, eating some great food and having some flavorful drinks (alcoholic or not) and you want fresh breath! Bring it from home, save some money and you won’t be known as the “bad breath guy/gal”.

A Backup Carrying Bag

If you are like me you may come very close to your baggage being overweight for the airlines. If you can’t add half a pound to fly home you may be in trouble. You will be getting swag and other things in Vegas and the weight could end up costing you some cash. If you bring a small carrying bag that can hold all the items you get for free, win or buy you can stick them in the smaller bag and either carry it or check it on the plane. This will save you money!

Have Fun and See if You Can Win Some Stuff from AuthorityLabs!

AL is having a Pubcon scavenger hunt! You can win a prize such as chips to gamble with, a free AuthorityLabs account for a year, or an iPad! Both Copypress and Internet Marketing Ninjas are having contests too! Have fun at Pubcon!


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Michelle Lowery

I would also add Tums/Rolaids or Alka-Seltzer. In addition to possibly drinking more in Vegas, you’ll probably eat more, too, and possibly at odd hours.

Thanks for the great tips, Melissa! 🙂

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