Last Week’s Search News: What You Need to Know

One thing that is consistent in the search industry is change. This past week there were several changes you should be aware of:

Was Panda 4.2 Reversed?

On Sept. 4 Barry Schwartz explained that many SEOs have noticed that the changes that came with the Panda 4.2 July 18 release have “reversed or changed significantly.” There is a good discussion about this change on Search Engine Roundtable in the comments here. Google could just be testing things, as they do often. However, keep on eye on your sites, rankings and traffic closely.

Google to Penalize Sites with Large App Ads?

Google announced on Sept. 1 that mobile sites that have large ads pushing users to install the app need to make a change ASAP. Site owners will be notified via the search console which pages on their sites are pushing these ads. Danny Sullivan broke down what you need to know with his article “Google Declares War On App Install Problem It Helped Create“.

Google Expanded Info on Medical Conditions

On Sept. 3 Google announced that they are adding more information on medical conditions, better visual improvements and a downloadable PDF that you can bring to your doctor. Here is an example of what we saw when searching for “Bee Sting”. These results were to the right of the search results and are really fantastic.

Google-bee-sting Download PDF

Google’s New Look

Yep, they changed the look and those that don’t like change don’t like it :). Google announced it on Sept. 1 on their blog and they released a video. Make sure you check out the new look of the G+ logo also.

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