Let Me Google That For You – Rapportive Style

Rapportive is a handy browser extension that shows up in place of the ads in the sidebar of Gmail and Google Apps email. It displays additional information about your contacts such as photos, their location, and a brief bio. It can also help you to grow your network by showing where to find their social media profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others. There’s even an input box where you can add private notes about the contact.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see in the sidebar with the extension installed:

Pretty sweet, huh? Quick access to all kinds of stalking of your friends and colleagues. The downside to the stock version of Rapportive is that if they don’t have data on your friends, you’re out of luck. That’s where our new Raplet comes in. A lot of times, Rapportive can get the name of your contact but not much else, so we’ve put together a Raplet that does a Google search for the person’s name. Here’s a good example of how our Raplet can supplement Rapportive’s offering:

Obviously, some results may not match your contact but at least you have a little more information to work with. If your contact is a client or potential client it can double as a basic reputation management check.

To install our Raplet, make sure you have Rapportive installed and then go to Raplets.com. Click the “Add This” button on the Custom Raplet box and add http://raplet.authoritylabs.com/ as the URL.

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